The Future

Grana International, a family-owned enterprise, proudly holds a lineage of 35 years in diverse sectors and geographies, encompassing various languages and cultures. The company’s Managing Director and primary stakeholder, Michael Fogelberg, nurtures an unquenchable appetite for discovering fresh business opportunities.

Our ambition is geared toward the Self Storage segment, where we aspire to:

  • Invest strategically,
  • Offer advisory services,
  • Engage in development and construction projects, and
  • Oversee operational management.

Beyond these domains, we are actively seeking to forge new partnerships in enterprises that require seasoned experience and a capital influx. Our relentless drive and broad business acumen make us a valuable ally for any nascent venture.

Driving Innovation with StoreInn and Inntello

In 2022, Grana International co-founded StoreInn and Inntello, taking a pioneering role in Europe’s self-storage industry. StoreInn, as Europe’s first specialized third-party self-storage manager, delivers tailored development and operational services to institutional investors, using data-driven technology to boost revenue, curtail costs, and ensure ESG compliance.

Inntello, an exclusive platform to StoreInn, is revolutionizing self-storage operations. By integrating high-quality software and hardware, it enables efficient remote management, uses real-time data to oversee operations and sales, and enhances customer interactions, pricing, and reporting. Inntello, as the backbone of StoreInn, ensures maximum benefits to our clientele.

Strategic Investment in Interactive Audio Pioneer

In 2020, Grana International made a strategic angel investment in, a company at the forefront of interactive audio entertainment development and publication for the worldwide mobile and smart speaker market. At the heart of Wanderword’s innovation is Fabella, a sophisticated no-code, node-based editor, designed for creating voice-controlled entertainment and services.

Grana, 2022 Investment in Re:nable: Streamlining Retail Advertising with AI

In 2022, Grana International introduced an investment in Re:nable, an AI platform that consolidates retailer content, consumer and expert reviews, purchase intent data, and artificial intelligence into one comprehensive platform. The platform’s AI engine, Aimée, takes over the curation and large-scale production of content, freeing marketers to concentrate on more strategic responsibilities. This sophisticated system empowers retailers to produce highly relevant and high-conversion advertisements for their complete product range.

Grana’s 2021 Stake in Venizum: Streamlining Translation with Verbis

In 2021, Grana International invested in Venizum, known for Verbis, a Salesforce-native connector facilitating seamless translation and localization. It allows connectivity to any Salesforce Cloud or existing translation system, harnessing the power of automation for efficiency.